Class GaussianSimulator

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Base Type

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class blackbird::GaussianSimulator : public blackbird::Program

Device GaussianSimulator: corresponds to any able Gaussian simulator; i.e. a simulator able to apply and manipulate all Gaussian states/operations/measurements defined in Blackbird.

Public Functions

inline GaussianSimulator()

Constructor to initialise the device

inline GaussianSimulator(Program dev)

Constructor to initialise the device

inline GaussianSimulator(int num_subsystems, int s = 0, double hbar = 2)

Constructor to initialise the device with a specific set of parameters.

  • num_subsystems – number of modes to initialise the simulator with

  • s – number of shots to perform

  • hbar – value of hbar in the canonical commutation relation

inline virtual void print_device_info()

prints out device information

Public Members

int ns

number of subsystems

int shots = 1

Number of shots to perform on the device (default 1)

double hb = 2.0

Value of \(\hbar\) to use in the commutation relation \([\hat{x},\hat{p}]=i\hbar\)